Some Decking

What We Did

First of we had to design the decking and made sure the customer got exactly what they wanted and everything was the right size etc. After that we got the materials and went ahead and did the job. We had to make all the grass underneath the decking flat and then we started from there. We got the wood and all the tools needed and put together the decking. We connected it all and made sure everything was okay. A couple of hours later everything was done and it looked great and we was really happy with it!

What The Client Thought

A friend recommended me to MAE Landscapes and i was happy they did! We have wanted decking a while now but we wasn’t quite sure anything about them or who to go to. Luckily we fought MAE and they came out and did a fantastic job! They designed everything made the decking look great and did a quick job!


What We Did

Our client wanted some fences around there house that looked nice yet for a good price. Firstly we started of by measuring the size etc. We then went out and got all the parts and necessary items. After that we started the work. It was a pretty simple job and we just put the fences up and did some drilling etc. But we was happy with how it went!

What Our Clients Thought

I came across MAE on the internet and i contacted them about putting a new fence up. So i  gave them a ring and they organized everything came out and measured everything. Then they came out a few days later and put it up! Im really happy of the job they did and it looks great!

Some tree cutting!

What We Did

We got a call of this client explaining they wanted some trees chopping down. We are expeirenced at this so we was happy to help. We went out within a few days with a truck to put all the logs and leaves etc so its nice and clean once done. We climb the tree and use the best and safest tools to cut the trees down. It took us a few hours and then we cleaned everything up!

What Our Clients Thought

We have had a big tree that me and my husband wanted cutting down. We had left it for ages but finally we contacted MAE. We explained to them what we wanted doing. They came out within a few days and did it within a few hours! I was so happy with how quick it took them. And everything looked great and they even cleaned up!


Where We Did

Our client wanted there garden tidying up because it had been left for a while without any care! Luckily we are experienced in this! We went out to them and tidied there garden and made it look great! We cut the hedges,grass,weeds and made it look much better! We was really happy with what we did!

What Our Clients Thought

We let our garden get really messy and after a while we got fed up and looked for a gardener. We came across MAE, we are glad we did because they did a fantastic job for us! Firstly they came out as quick as they could and transformed our garden into an amazing one! Thanks!