What We Did

First of we started by visiting and measuring everything so we had enough turf etc. We then went out a few days later and fitted the turf. We first start of by flatting the grass and make sure its all level and then we just simply, lay the turf down and flatten it in and its done! We was happy with this project it looks great!

What Our Clients Thought

Im made up with the job MAE did. They came out to turf our garden and they did a really good job! They did it quick and they also offered a great price! T


Where We Did

Our client wanted there garden tidying up because it had been left for a while without any care! Luckily we are experienced in this! We went out to them and tidied there garden and made it look great! We cut the hedges,grass,weeds and made it look much better! We was really happy with what we did!

What Our Clients Thought

We let our garden get really messy and after a while we got fed up and looked for a gardener. We came across MAE, we are glad we did because they did a fantastic job for us! Firstly they came out as quick as they could and transformed our garden into an amazing one! Thanks!

Maintenance Work!

What We Did

This garden is a regulaur client we go to every week to keep on top of it. We have been doing it for nearly a year now and they are happy with it and so are we. We come out every week for a time that suits you and just cut the grass trim hedges etc. So it all looks nice for you!

What Our Clients Though

Me and my husband do not  have time to keep on top of the garden but luckily we came across MAE. They are very reliable and we value them! They have been doing are garden for nearly a year and it looks great every time i check and they have never let me down!